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Home School Solutions offer different solutions for both school attending children and home educated children.

Reinforce, Revise, Consolidate

One major problem facing children from school or home-based learning is keeping the material learned relevant and to mind.

Children learn new facts every day, but if these are not put into use and reinforced they will be forgotten.

At school, the teacher will introduce a new topic, spend anything from one to five lessons on the topic then moves on to the next.

The child is expected to retain this knowledge as they approach the ext topic, then a few months later, a quick revision and into an exam.

This can work for some, but most children really do benefit from continuous reinforcement. Sounds boring and painful? It doesn't need to be!

Working on Math Problems
Beach Day

School Holidays

It has been well documented that the long summer holidays can be detrimental to the general education of children. 

Normally the first two or three weeks of school at the end of the holidays, are spend recapping and revising all the work they have previously learned.

If, however, children spend just a fraction of their time, reading, and recapping work, maybe one or two worksheets each three or four days, watching an educational video, reading books, this can keep them alert and progressing ahead of their peers

My Own Tutor Norfolk

At MyOwnTutorNorfolk we may have just what you are looking for!

For only £10 per week (discounted if you are subscribed to Spanish Speak) your child can access self-correcting worksheets in all the main GCSE subjects so that they can choose when and what to study. Plus lots of games which they can choose to play or not!

We also offer a weekly study plan and full reporting system so that you can see exactly what your child is learning and his progress. This helps you decide and discuss with your child, where any subjects may need some extra attention.

Everything is easily accessible 24/7.

Check out the videos below which walk you through MyOwnTutorNorfolk E learning support platform.

  • Complete peace of mind in learning support for your children

  • Personalised Study Support Plans for each student

  • Regular Diagnostic Assessments to check progress.

  • Regular study reports to keep you informed.

  • Unique and proven techniques in motivating students to study and practise.

  • Qualified teachers to give help when it is needed.

  • Comprehensive subject coverage

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