Girl at School

Transitioning from primary to secondary schools


During your children's lives, there are key moments in their education that are extremely important as they help to develop confidence and self-esteem which in turn helps them relax which promotes good learning skills

The key moments within education can be for school attending children or home educated children as each step sees the method of delivery, type of work they would be expected to be able to complete and level of independent research, increase.


The key educational transitioning steps are:

  • Entry into education - Kindergarten/pre-school

  • Transitioning from Preschool to Primary school

  • Transitioning from Primary to Secondary

  • Entering into the last two years - Prepping for GCSE

  • Moving from GCSE to A level

  • Entering University

At HOME SCHOOL SOLUTIONS we try and remove the stress of going into Secondary education by following five simple steps in two key subjects - Maths and English.

  • Find any gaps in their education

  • Have English and Maths video lessons on hand to help with homework

  • Reinforce learning with self correcting worksheets

  • Practice and improving reading

We offer various packages, each with their own particular focus. For more information click membership or book a call with us today to go over what you need and what we can offer.