Home Education

Not all Home Educators like teaching the same way. Some families like staying well within the school subjects and look for their children to complete GCSE's, others prefer a more organic approach and have more time to spend with their children and most fall down the middle.

What is true to all Home Educators, is the knowledge that Maths and English are very important and having a good and sound early base is essential. 

At HOME SCHOOL SOLUTIONS we are here to help.

We offer various membership packages to choose from, which gives you and your child access to self-correcting worksheets, E-Learning platform, reporting of completed work and a weekly study programme.


This will help and consolidate all the basic skills enabling them to continue with confidence through their ongoing learning journey.

There are many more benefits to the individual packages, including one to one reading sessions and calls to ensure your child is happy with their work and are enjoying the lessons.

Click on membership to understand everything included in each package or book a zoom call with us now. We will reply within 48 hours (Monday to Friday)

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