English as a foreign language for children from 10 years old and adults

The English language is the main language people from all over the world choose when deciding how best to further their careers. 375 million people speak English as their mother tongue, with over 54 countries using English as their official language. It is the world's most popular second language choice.

The British Council estimates that at any given time, there are 1 billion people learning English.


  • English is the most popular language on the Internet. In 2010, the world wide web had more than 536 million English-speaking users.

  • Nearly 5.5 billion websites are available in English.

  • Approximately 66% of the world’s scientists and researchers use English as a second language.

  • 25% of the world’s population speak English at basic-intermediate level.

  • Some professions will only employ you if you are clear and fluent in English ( including air traffic controller, the diplomatic sector, and some jobs in the computing or information technology industry).

  • To live and work in an English-speaking country.

Competent English speakers have the best opportunities to progress and get ahead in their personal and professional lives.

Colors in English
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Pronunciation problems

Do you feel frustrated every time you try to communicate in English and people fail to understand you? It’s possible that you are pronouncing certain sounds incorrectly. For example, English vowel sounds are notoriously difficult to master for speakers of languages like Spanish or Italian. Why? There are only 5 vowel sounds in Spanish, but there can be up to 20 vowel sounds in English. Chinese speakers may have problems pronouncing the different “r” sounds in English, and Arabic speakers find it difficult to pronounce the “p” sound, as it doesn’t exist in their mother tongue.

There are many websites around the web that offer free worksheets and help with grammar and courses, many apps that can teach you all the basics, but with pronunciation - the best and most effective method to correct and learn how to speak English so that you are understood is to converse with native English people.

At HomeSchoolSolutions.co.uk we offer group conversation sessions. Each session will explore a different topic, new vocabulary will be introduced, emphasis will be placed on pronunciation and correct syntax (one of the biggest challenges is placing your words in the correct order!). 

One live session per week with useful suggestions for you to explore during the week in preparation for the following session.

  • No long-term commitment

  • Monthly recurring subscription

  • Cancel at any time. 

  • (Subscriptions already taken will not be reimbursed).

For only £50 a month

  • Maximum of 4 students per group

  • 4 Sessions per month

  • Plus useful links, ideas, suggestions and worksheets for further practice

  • Interesting cultural facts about the UK and English Customs

English Breakfast

For 1:1 sessions - £25 per session - please use the contacts form if you would like a chat!